Editorial Principles: The Porpora Cantatas

The principles behind this series of editions are guided by maximum fidelity to the manuscript sources and an intimate knowledge of current performance practice. Most manuscripts are from the British Library, Additional Manuscript collection, in particular a series of manuscripts collected by Signor Gaspar Selvaggi, of Naples, which were presented to the British Library by […]

Porpora Works part 3

Sacred choral works TITLE FORCES COLLECTION ADDITIONAL Ad astra in cantu SSATB, horns, trumpets, oboes, violins, viola and continuo GB-Lbl Add. 14130 c1760 Ad coenum beatam 4 voices & strings A-Wn ?1729 Beatus vir S and/or A solo, 4 voices & strings GB-Lbl Add. 14126 written in 1726 ‘per l’ospedale degl’Incurabili’ Beatus vir 5 voices & […]

Porpora Works part 2 (cantatas)

Secular cantatas TITLE FORCES COLLECTION Abbandonata e sola alto & basso continuo D-MÜs GB-Lcm I-Nc Ad onta del timore soprano & basso continuo D-Mbs GB-Lbl I-Nc Ah nò che non si può soprano/alto & basso continuo Mc Nc Alla caccia dell’alme soprano/alto & basso continuo D-Mbs I-Bc Nc US-Wc Amanti sospirate soprano & basso continuo […]

Porpora Works part 1

Operas TITLE FORCES COLLECTION ADDITIONAL Adelaide D-SWl arias D-Hs D-MUs F-Pc (3 Salvi) Rome Teatro Alibert delle Dame Carnival 1723 Amare per regnare GB-Lbl I-Cl (3) Teatro Alibert delle Dame 12 Dec 1723 with Besso-Fiordilina (int) Annibale B-Bc (copy USWC) (3 Vanstryp) Venice S Angelo ant. 1731 Arianna e Teseo Act 2 GB-Lbl (copy US-Wc) […]

Nicola Antonio Porpora

Born Naples 17th August, 1686Died Naples 3rd March, 1768 Editions available on this site A celebrated composer and singing teacher, Porpora’s ability to set the Italian language to music was internationally acknowledged during his lifetime. “…Porpora’s Cantatas particularly the Recitatives, are still regarded in Italy as models of perfection for narrative Music… The Cantatas of […]

Porpora in England

A brief history of Porpora’s time at the Opera of the Nobility in EnglandContributor: James Sanderson The Opera of the Nobility was an opera company set up and funded in 1733 by a group of nobles under Frederick, Prince of Wales in order to rival the Royal Academy of Music company backed by George II […]