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Front cover of 1721
Cantate e duetti
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Bononcini, Giovanni (1670-1747)

Duetti da camera
  • Luci barbare spietate
    Forces: soprano, alto & continuo
    The tempestuous meeting of Tirsi and Dorinda. 'Your eyes are the cause of my suffering...but I will always be faithful...' In Duet - Recit - Duet format with both duets virtuosic for the singers.
    Source: 1721 edition in the British Library
    Range (soprano): c - g'
    Range (alto): G - d

    Editor: James Sanderson
    MIDI Preview | Price: 5.95 | 

  • O penosa lontananza
    Forces: soprano, bass & continuo
    Here we see both sides of the coin with the soprano lamenting the pain of separation and the bass rejoicing that being so far apart there is less pain... This is a wonderful duetto da camera in Duet - recit - aria - recit- aria - duet format. One for each and the two duets surrounding all.
    Editor: James Sanderson
    Score Preview | MIDI Preview | Price: 5.95 | 

  • Pietoso nume arcier
    Forces: 2 altos & continuo
    Dorinda and Aldimira are bemoaning the infedelities of their lovers, Tirsi and Aminta. Luckily they have each other to spur on their suit. In duet (largo et affettuoso) - recit - duet (allegro) format.
    Source:1721 edition in the British Library
    Range (both): b flat - d'

    Editor: James Sanderson
    MIDI Preview | Price: 5.95 | 

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